In the world of lucha libre the ruda is the bad girl, the rulebreaker.

A ruda plays by her own rules and takes no BS.

A ruda may not get along with all other girls, but she has a close bond with her fellow rudas.

It was in this spirit that RUDA was born.



The RUDA Lifestyle

meet the women behind ruda

Head RUDA In Charge

I'm Denise A. Palascencia also known as "La Hija de Jalisco." It's not a typical nickname, I know.  But, when your father is a luchador who goes by El Jalisco, you don't generally have "typical" - and I have loved that!  And, so does my 5 year old son, Logan, who adores his luchador grandfather!  He has been wrestling for over 35 years...even before I was in my mother's belly.  I was born into lucha libre and became a die hard fan at a really young age . For as long as I remember really.  My father didn't want me to go into lucha libre, but he sure taught me the do's and dont's and embraced my love of the sport.  I work in the pharmaceutical industry - a totally different path from the world of lucha libre - but I follow those do's and dont's of lucha libre in my life outside of it.  My personal definition of a RUDA: 

I work hard for what I deserve.

I strive every day for my son.

I do not let ANYONE push me down.

I will fight and NEVER give up.

Just like a RUDA.

Our brand is based on empowering women to embrace that spirit and celebrating those who do and the people who love them for it. 


Lead Designer 

Currently residing on the East Coast, eclectic fashion designer and artist Dani Gosha was never the type to see herself as being fashion savvy.

Born in the U.S., she moved shortly after to Misawa, Japan where she quickly developed a fondness for all things culture and art. With an initial attraction to paper and pencil she moved back to the US bringing over an interest in art, video games and wrestling.

It wasn't until 2001 that she found herself behind a sewing machine before entering her last year of middle school. Primarily self-taught and with the help of her parents who bought her sewing machines, sergers and body forms, it wasn't until fall of 2009 that she decided to pursue a BS in Consumer, Apparel and Retail studies with a concentration in apparel design just after receiving her AA. In Summer 2010 however, her fashion career was nearly derailed after being struck by a car that left her unable to use her left leg for two months.

With 90% of leg immobility she got back into art, using it as therapy all the while teaching herself how to walk again with the aid of her twin sister. Despite the pain, moving from crutches to a cane and in and out of different knee braces she didn't let it deter her even when she found sitting at her machines to be painful.

Dedicated to recovery and her craft, she had regained full mobility just in time for the start of the new school year where she was eventually dubbed “the resident designer” by her professors as she was often found in the sewing studio. Known for her immense use of details and polished looks she was easily recognized as the couture designer among her peers. From 2010 onward she has participated in at least one fashion show every year where she eventually picked up a couple of fashion awards in both 2015 and 2016.

It wasn't until 2016 however that she decided to bring her love for lucha libre to light, spurring her to start creating artwork over the months of various luchadores. Her collection of lucha based art opened up connections through the wrestling community which eventually prompted her to start designing wrestling gear in the Fall of 2016 as well as design her first ever lucha libre inspired mini collection “Los Luchas”. In less than a year of being a gear maker she has had the chance to design for athletes in five different countries.

While her work with fashion shows, models and wrestlers has brought her attention, Dani insists that fashion is farm her passion or number one priority in life. As she continues her search for it throught he midsts of art and clothing she will for the time being keep her spot behind her sewing machine.


Director of Social Media

Salina de la Renta was brought up and raised in the performing arts. Since the age of 4 she has been on stage and pursing a career in acting. At not much older, she started dancing, singing and modeling. When she was 19, she found an industry in which many of her passions combined and she fell in love with professional wrestling. With just two years under her belt in the business, she has become one of the fastest rising female performers. This success has lead her to starting Promociones Dorado, a Latino-centric wrestling talent representation firm with an exclusive contract to Major League Westling whose TV series MLW Fusion can be seen nationally every Friday night on the beIN Sports USA network. Salina has become extremely savvy in social media promotion over the past few years and now looks to help bring RUDA to all of the bad girls across the world who have been waiting for a brand like ours!


Creative Director

Adriana Garcia is a San Diego native, a lucha wife and mom to future luchador Rey Jouse...who's currently 9 months old.  Her love for lucha libre began at 10 years old when she would watch her uncle, Rey Misterio Sr. wrestle in Tijuana.  Misterio is not only a well known luchador himself, but is considered one of the lucha world's top trainers having launched the careers of main event stars including Psychosis, Konnan and the world's most iconic luchador, his nephew, Rey Misterio Jr. - the first luchador ever to become WWE World Champion. Now married to Josh Garcia a.k.a. Rudos Photo, widely regarded as one of the top photographers in all of lucha libre worldwide, her passion continues by adding creative spark to the industry's visual representation.


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